Reference: Kristoffer Clausen Roe Deer Call

Brand: Kristoffer Clausen Hunting

Kristoffer Clausen Roe Deer Call

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The Kristoffer Clausen Roe deer call is a very effective for calling in roebucks. This call can produce contact sounds and distress sounds for females and calves. The call has a long reach and is a very easy roe deer call to use.

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Reference: EKA G4


EKA® SwedBlade G4, swingblade

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The new version is finally here. G4 is a much better knife as it can be disassembled for cleaning with a simple push of a button! Perfect for the hunter who is orderly and careful with hygiene. In addition, New lavish better knife sheath that protects the edge and has a belt clip that you can rotate 360 ​​degrees at your own discretion.

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Reference: Repellent Boar's Fear

Brand: Prospektus

Boars Fear, 500 ml.

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A measure that can protect crops and other crops up to 85% from wildlife damage caused, scare away wild boar. 

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